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NSPRA turns 75 this year

NSPRA's 75th Anniversary

Share your Wit and Wisdom quotes and celebrate NSPRA's 75th Anniversary!

One project to celebrate our 75th anniversary will be to publish the second edition of The Wit and Wisdom of PR Success. The first edition, published in 1995 and then reprinted in 1998, captures the wise and sometime humorous witticisms of leaders in our PR profession.

I have often said that I could teach two full semesters in school PR just using the advice given in the first edition. Here are a few examples:

“School districts that act like they have something to hide usually do.”
Bill Jones

“It’s what people actually do that counts. I never saw a column inch count that really mattered.”
James E. Lukaszewski

“If you’re not the first in line to give a pint of blood, don’t do the ads for the blood drive.”
Mitchell Kozikowski

“Don’t wait to be asked.”
John F. Budd

“Getting people involved and then not acting on their input is like asking people to help you in the kitchen, and then not letting them cook.”
Nora Carr

“A public relations program without effective internal communications is built on quicksand.”
Buddy Price

“Reporters will always ask the one question that you don’t want to answer.”
Ed Segal

“When emotions and facts collide, emotions win just about every time.”
Rich Bagin

“An invitation to everyone is an invitation to no one.”
Ken Weir

“You can have great communications and terrible public relations.”
Larry Ascough

“Listen to extremists; change comes from them.”
Hal Warner

Now you can submit your personal contributions to the next edition of NSPRA’s The Wit and Wisdom of PR Success. You just need to verify that your submissions are your original work or cite the appropriate source if it isn’t.

Email your submission to by March 15th.

As Sam Singer noted in the first edition, “Never underestimate the power of a snappy quote.”

Rich Bagin, APR, NSPRA executive director

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One Comment on “Share Your Wit and Wisdom Now”

  1. A patron called to ask why we didn’t post a web home page notice that our schools would be open today, after being closed the day before for snow. I replied that we could have done that, but the assumption is that we are open every day unless we post a closing notice, since closings for snow are rare in Arkansas.

    She replied, “Well, what if I go to your website, and there is nothing there?”

    “Nothing?” I said.

    “Yes, nothing at all,” she replied.

    I paused for a second and then said, “Well, I guess that means the ninjas got us.”

    It was quiet for a second before she laughed and said, “Okay, I get it. Thanks!”

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