Job Posting Shows This Leadership Team Gets It

The saying “There’s always something,” describes the life of the school PR professional. We know that no matter the size of your system, some things always happen, calling for the multiple skills of an NSPRA professional. In one sense, it is job security, in another it helps you protect the overall reputation of your system, a  key contribution to the value you bring to your schools.

The Alexandria City Schools, in Alexandria, Virgina, is now posting a position for a Director, Schools/Community Partnerships and Communications which proves to me that somebody in their central office understands what it will take to be an effective communicator for their system.

Here are some examples that are impressively unusual from over a hundred school PR position announcements I have  seen in the past 5 years:

  • Develops and promotes effective engagement strategies and integrates them into action plans. (Gives the impression that engagement is just not window-dressing and a lip-service function)
  • Provides communication and public relations counsel to schools and departments for day-to-day operations and crisis situations; presents concerns of division’s staff to superintendent’s cabinet and board of directors.(Demonstrates that it is more than a tactician position and shows a willingness to listen.)
  • Demonstrates leadership in intra-organizational communications. (Allows PR person to improve communication within other departments,  a rarity among turf-laden organizations.)
  • Abilities: to respond quickly and effectively to unusual assignments and situations; to provide guidance and direction to staff; to facilitate and promote collaborative decision-making; followed by the ability to make effective, independent decisions when situation requires; and the ability to facilitate conflict resolution. (Gets very real about responding quickly to unusual assignments, all NSPRA vets can attest to that; also gives authority on making independent decisions when required – a major breath of fresh air to most PR professionals.)
  • Some key points on work environment such as: a high level of interaction with others; routine interruptions, active meeting schedule; representing the district on potentially controversial matters; and one of my favorites, frequent dealings with distraught, angry or hostile individuals. (Looks like no one is saying that this job will be easy; but it is refreshing to see that this system’s leadership has a grasp of what it will take to be successful in their system.)


I urge you to check out the position for yourself at Then click on “employment/jobs” and find your way to the director/supervisor section.

Use it as a good example for elements  of a future job posting (they also prefer accredited candidates), or even apply for the job as its salary range of the mid-80’s to mid-120’s really does appear to be “commensurate with the experience” they are seeking. It seems the Alexandria City Schools are headed in the right direction in filling their position. It may be a nice fit for an NSPRA veteran.

Rich Bagin, APR

NSPRA Executive Director

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One Comment on “Job Posting Shows This Leadership Team Gets It”

  1. Steph Says:

    Job Posting Shows This Leadership Team Gets It
    Posted 10/18/2010 by schoolpr
    Categories: Uncategorized
    A great idea to go after a veteran NSPRA pro. But what about a recent M.A. who wants to get into school PR. Why can’t someone access your jobsite please?

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