So, God Made a PR Pro

So, God Made a PR Pro

 The Super Bowl commercial, “So God made a farmer,” with the classic voice of Paul Harvey relating the attributes of farmers with the Dodge Ram piqued my curiosity as I had no idea where it was headed. But its graphics and copy along with the gravitas of Paul Harvey’s voice created a real attention grabber for me.

And then just this week, I caught a creative blog by Arik Hanson at who took a shot of developing a similar piece to advocate for our PR profession. Such advocacy measures are rare and we thank Arik for his permission to share his “So God Made a PR Pro” with you. (He even mentioned schools.) You may want to tap into Arik’s website to learn more about the insight he offers. So here is Arik’s blog. Enjoy!

On the eighth day, God looked down on this world and said, “I need someone to help these retail companies, schools, manufacturers, hospitals, start-ups, tech companies, restaurants, hotels, sports franchises and news organizations communicate better.”

So, God made a PR pro.

God said, “I need someone to wake up at 4 a.m., manage a live shot down at the Mall of America outside when it’s 5 degrees outside, then get back to the office by 7, take a two-hour client call at 8, get to a new business meeting at 10:30, take the new AE out to lunch, crank out a strategic plan and proof a news release in the afternoon, pick up the kids at 5:45, get them to ice skating lessons, eat dinner, go back online and complete billing reports, send a few emails to clients, finish the news release and do it all again the next day.”

So, God made a PR pro.

God said, “I need someone who can sit in a meeting with a room full of senior-level executives and stand toe-to-toe with the CEO and tell him he needs to take a risk in the first quarter with a new campaign based on her recommendations, then turn around and sympathize with her team and figure out how they’re going to get the whole plan done in just 12 days.”

So, God made a PR pro.

God said, “I need someone who can break down analytics and glean useful insights for clients. Someone who can crank out a news release, a blog post, and an annual report in a single afternoon. Someone who can manage and lead a team. Someone who can mentor younger team members. Someone who can massage and manage a client’s concerns, then sit in a room with an assistant account executive and listen to their challenges.”

So, God made a PR pro.

God said, “I need someone strong enough to handle a crisis–where the client has absolutely no clue what to do next. Someone who can handle the heat when it gets so hot you can actually feel the sweat through the phone. But someone kind enough that other employees love coming to work with her each day.”

So, God made a PR pro.

It had to be someone who could write and edit. Interpret and influence. Direct and debate. Consult and collaborate. Organize and categorize. Evaluate and motivate. Lecture and listen. Someone who was willing to take risks. To push the envelope for her clients. To go above and beyond. Day after day after day after day. Someone who has an insatiable curiousity and someone who simply loved to learn.

So, God made a PR pro.

Someone with a strong moral compass–someone with ethics. Because without that, she is nothing. Someone who’s hyper-organized. Loves lists. And love to complete them. Loves coffee. And loves to read. Someone, who loves grammar so much she spell checks text messages. Someone who has CNN on in the background along with Tweetdeck and 18 columns. And someone who wakes up each morning, takes a shower, eats breakfast and looks in the mirror and says, “I am a PR pro.”

Thanks Arik for helping more people understand what it takes to be a PR Pro.

Rich Bagin, APR

NSPRA Executive Director

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One Comment on “So, God Made a PR Pro”

  1. Mychal Says:

    Thank you, Rich, for sharing! This spin off of the Dodge commercial is perfect for our profession.

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