Social Media: Managing Risk and Leveraging Opportunities

NSPRA member Kristin Magette has “done us all proud.” Her new book, Embracing Social Media, focuses on one of the bugaboos of social media that drives superintendents and school boards crazy — so crazy at times that some have restricted or banned the use of social media in their schools.

Kristin’s local school PR experience shines through in her book. Just look at the fears and concerns about social media she attributes to some school leaders:

  • What if someone makes a negative comment?
  • What is someone posts something that violates the confidentiality of one of our students?
  • What if someone posts something bad about a staff member?
  • What if one of our employees posts something unprofessional?
  • What if it becomes a place where people go to “air dirty laundry” or to “crank up the rumor mill?”

It Happens With or Without You

Much of Embracing Social Media gives us solutions and approaches to deal with those situations. And as Kristin notes, most of these things are already happening on social media now. By making the choice to ban social media, you are “not exempting yourself from the discussions taking place; by contrast, you are allowing these discussion to flourish unchecked and without your consistent, informed and calming voice.”

She urges school leaders to stake out their space in social media. By doing so, Kristin notes that controversial comments are often reduced as they are “dealt with in a manner that is respectful, understanding, firm and policy-driven.”

The informal nature of social media gives some people the impression that it is an avenue to just “wing it” and to jump into the fray. Nothing can be more damaging to your system than to play it loose and informal. Districts need to establish their own protocols and polices to cover all aspects of social media use in their systems.

Embracing Social Media helps you build a foundation for success in social media. It also gives you persuasive talking points to influence decision-makers about why social media must be part of your school communication program. Recent stats show that many Americans now own 4 digital devices and the average U.S. consumer spends 60 hours a week consuming content from these devices.

Economically Reach More Audiences Quickly
Our audiences are already there. We need to go to where they are rather than asking them to use our own established channels.

Leading districts and communication programs are now using social media as a valued tool to economically reach parents, students, and others with key messages and information about their schools.

Join Kristin at the NSPRA Seminar

The good news is that Kristin Magette will be leading a special session at the NSPRA Seminar this July in Nashville. For more information about the Seminar, go to And you can find her book on NSPRA’s website at

Rich Bagin, APR
NSPRA Executive Director

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